February 21, 2021

Top Graphic Design Trends to Look Out For In 2021

The year 2020 had many ups and downs, but the online world grew to a large extent. Be it education, advertising, or shopping, everything is online. With this progression in the market, there was more space for brands to broaden their horizons.

Technology also saw huge progress, and in the year 2021, branding will get even more complex. For the designing of the brand, previous trends will not work in this New Year. Especially for websites and brand marketing, there are many predictions made by designers regarding the type of graphics that will appeal to people more.

Importance of graphic design

Graphic design not only establishes an identity for the brand but also promotes it by informing the audience about what the brand stands for. The trends for graphic design keeps changing, the professionals keep coming up with new ideas to make their brands look a lot more unique.

In order to attract more audience, the brand should be able to comply with the latest trends. Instilling new ideas for the marketing of the brand will be able to connect to the people more.

Some of the top upcoming graphic designs

Many designs have been coming to the surface, and in 2021, most of the trends are simple and to the point. The designs are not over the top and gaudy as compared to the previous years.

Minimalism and sustainability

The trend of minimalism has taken over almost every aspect of life. Designers have been able to keep a minimal look for the websites giving ‘space’ more emphasis. Overcrowding with a lot of information or designs has become less likable, and simplicity is given more preference these days.

Along with minimalism, the world has started to become more aware of environmental issues as well. With 2020 being a rough year and climate change becoming more intense day by day, people have started inclining towards sustainability.

Especially in terms of packaging and design, being mindful of the environment and how the brand approaches the issues is what the consumers focus on.

Vintage and Retro effects

Old trends are seen coming back in the fashion industry, and the people are taking it well. Similarly, in the graphic design world, the theme of nostalgia seems to be taking over rapidly. Font styles and colors are also seen with a rather vintage effect.

Designs or pictures of the previous generations will make people remember the good old days. While the current generation will be able to see and understand how the world was before them.

Muted color scheme

Color is an integral part of graphic design. It is essential to understand color psychology before moving forward with the brand’s design. Vivid bright colors won’t make it to 2021. There will be more muted colors. 2021 will be seeing more dimmed colors aiming for a simple and minimal look.

These colors are supposed to make the people feel secure and even nostalgic. With that in mind, most of the health brands have been using such colors to provide a sense of safety and optimism.

Animation and cartoon illustrations

The animation is essential for graphic design, and it hooks the audience more as compared to a normal picture. The graphic design makes the brand a lot more lively and approachable. Continuous animation will be used more frequently in 2021 for the brand to be able to take the audience for a short journey.

With the help of those continuous sequences, the audience will be able to see what the brand is actually for and how it is capable of helping them. The transitions will be able to help the audience enhance their experience with the brand.

Cartoon illustrations is also yet another way of making the brand look more interesting. The illustrations will be able to provide a playful vibe along with an establishment of the brand’s identity.

Using those illustrations for the website and other products will lead to more success for the brand. People tend to be naturally attracted to cartoons and illustrations, and this particular design will be growing big in the year 2021.

Gold design

Metallic designs have been growing very famous since the end of 2020. This trend has come to stay for 2021 as well. This design can be seen in every sort of industry, be it gadgets or fashion. Moreover, it goes well with the theme of minimalism as well.

The metallic designs are silver, or gold tends to catch an eye. The gold design gives a feeling of sophistication and luxury. Such design will be able to make the audience feel good about themselves as well, and yet again, gold designs give a rather minimal look.


This has been a very popular graphic design trend for several years now. It provides a sense of minimalism and creates space within, as well. Other than that, it also provides movement that goes a long way with animation.
The grainy textures also provide a different vibe, which might be able to establish what the brand is aiming for or what its purpose is. Along with this trend, blurred images will also be able to make the foreground pop more.

Overlays and geometric shapes

Overlaying provides a sense of depth and attracts the audience more. Such depth effects will pull them in and make them pay attention to the details. Such graphic designs will be able to help the brand to a large extent to establish its identity.

Along with this trend, 3D design, 3D typography, and optical illusion designs are also slowly coming to the surface. All these designs create a sort of moving sequence within the font or picture of the brand. This gives the audience get an excellent experience.

The shapes for graphic designing will either be geometric or abstract. This solely depends on the brand, and they can use the shapes following the kind of theme they are going for.

Such trends make the visual creations a lot more interesting. It also gives a sense of practicality as well, which is important to the audience and the brand’s promotion.

Authentic and socially aware designs

Many social movements are going around the world, and graphic design has inclined towards the cause of those movements. They have been able to include those movements in their designs.

Diversity has become one of the most important aspects of any brand. The promotion of the brand does not go too well if there is a lack of diversity. In 2021, graphic designing has taken over the various social issues going on in the world and creating a sense of awareness.

These trends also help authentic people to get more recognition and opportunities. This year graphic designing has decided to make a great change in society. Creativity and diversity through designs have been able to come off as protests against every social injustice.

Summing up

Through the years, graphic design has evolved every year. In the year 2021, the design trends are a lot more interesting than in the previous years. The designs are becoming more minimal and simple. The other trends also go well with this theme.

Muted color schemes, gold designs, sustainability all have a minimalistic design. The trends have been focusing on social issues to make people aware and bring about a change in society.
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