February 21, 2021

Top 5 Shows on Netflix for Designers

There's nothing like some visual inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Luckily for designers, you can sit in the comfort of your homes and get all your inspiration on Netflix. The library is constantly updated, and you will always stay informed.

If you are a designer, Netflix can expose you to new and exciting perspectives on design creation and philosophy. Read ahead as we discuss five shows on Netflix for designers.

Abstract: The Art of Design

This show has been created by Scott Dadlich, who is the former editor of WIRED. The show has 1 season and has eight episodes available for you. It has a run time of about 45 minutes per episode. It is a docu-series that focuses on how people create various designs from shows to screens.

It looks at the various objects surrounding us and gives you a narrative about the story behind the object. Each episode is created to be a documentary in itself. It also brings to light that brought many of these taken-for-granted designs to life.

Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World

It is a documentary that is directed by Barry Avrich. It stars Katherine Arnold, Amy Capellazo, Marina Abramovic, and many artists as well. It has a run time of 84 minutes. This show looks at several questions in the art world through the eyes of well-known artists.

 The questions are materialistic and philosophical and serve as compelling inspiration for many designers. You will meet many people in the commercial art industry. These include the people behind Art Basel and MoMA.
It is a great way to look into the universe of elite art with no biases at play.

The Creative Brain

This documentary is directed by Jennifer Beamish and Toby Trackman. It stars David Eagleman and has a run time of 52 minutes, and won't take too long to finish. Hence, it acts as an instant inspiration for designers.

The documentary explores how creativity is not a superpower that is limited to a few people. Eagleman is a neuroscientist who looks into the creative process of various creators like music artist Grimes.

 He uses their example to show you how you can reach your creative peak. The message is that a fusion of ideas can lead to new and persuasive breakthroughs.

44 Pages

This show is directed by Tony Shaff and will take just 90 minutes of your time. It will give you an insight into just how a magazine is designed, written, and finally published. The process behind this is anything but straightforward.
The magazine explored here is Highlights, which has served readers for about 70 years. It is a unique magazine that has been running without a single advertisement having been sold. If you're wondering how they managed to thrive, here is a documentary to treat yourself with.

She Makes Comics

This documentary has been directed by Marissa Stotter and stars Kelly Sue DeConninck, Janette Kahn, Karen Berger, and others. It uses a glorious 70 minutes to shed light on women’s creative journeys in the world of comic books.

Women have paved their way to create many engaging comics but have largely been underappreciated in their endeavors. This documentary is filled with interesting interviews with people like Comic-Con Administrator Jackie Estrada.

It adds to the conversation addressing gender equality in the creative world.


The above shows will take a designer through a roller coaster of a journey. From understanding creative processes to addressing political issues, they are bound to be inspirational on all fronts. Go ahead and watch these now!
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