January 10, 2021

Tips To Create Unique Design Icons for Your Brand

Icons are graphical elements that help viewers gather information with just a glance. You may see many websites taking the assistance of these graphical icons to provide certain information instead of writing huge content. Brands take the help of graphics for logo design, website icons, and many other aspects.

The design icons should be unique so that it represents your brand. Research shows that most of the communication done by brands is through visual elements. The icons help in enhanced engagement between the brand and the audience.

To create unique icons, you will first have to know why you need to include icons for the betterment of your brand. Certain tips should be followed while creating these icons.

The Need for Unique Design Icons

Brand Recognition

One of the most important factors that lead to the growth of a brand is brand recognition. It helps to boost your sales, increase customer loyalty towards your brand, and enhance engagement. All of these are possible if you create elements that let your brand stand out. These elements should be able to communicate with the audience and grasp their attention.

Simplify Audience Communication

More than content, graphical representations are a much better communication element. No matter how simple the content is, many people may not have the time or patience to read what you have to say. However, this is not the case with graphical elements. Icons help in capturing the interest of the audience and also convey the message in a simpler manner.

Tips to Create Unique Design Icons

When you are converting text into icons, you need to ensure that the icon you are creating should convey the meaning properly. You may not find the exact icon for the word you want to describe, but you take the help of synonyms, i.e., similar words.

For example, if you want to create an icon for payment, you can choose a piggy bank icon, money icon, dollar sign, and many other money-related icons. Even though none of these icons exactly mean payment, the audience will get the idea.

Decide on Text Usage

There are many icons where you could add text with graphics. For example, you can create an icon for payment represented by the dollar sign and include the work payment below the icon. The text below the icons should not exceed one or two words.

Try to avoid text as much as possible, and use only for cases you feel will be hard for the audience to understand with only graphics.

Color Palette

The color palette that you use for your icons should represent your brand as well. You cannot just choose a color that nowhere belongs to your brand. Do not opt for more than one or two colors or it will make the design look crowded.

Summing Up

No matter what designs you make, you have to remember that they are a part of the brand. If you are unsure of what to create, you can take inspiration from other brands or professionals. You also have to ensure that the designs you are creating are easily recognized and understood by the audience and should not confuse them.
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