January 11, 2021

Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Business Cards For Your Brand

Business cards are a fundamental requirement of any enterprise. They are the building blocks of a firm’s networking and contact-making endeavors.
Not only do they help you reach out to every possible prospect in your industry, but the look and design of a business card also speak volumes for your brand. 

When properly designed, business cards can play a huge role in brand development, relationship building, and successful lead generation.
If you want to get a card designed in a way that perfectly does the brand-building for you, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Business Card Design Checklist 

The Size

If a business card is too small, it will go unnoticed. At the same time, bigger cards are not handy enough to fit into the wallet. Therefore, you will have to choose the size very carefully!

The standard size of a business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. Most of the advertising and designing firms offer a standard size that you can increase or decrease according to your preference.

The Shape

There are a lot of options when it comes to business card shapes that are not the traditional rectangle but look professional creatively.

Printing technology has evolved drastically with affordable options. There is smart-technology based cutting that highlights pictures in a confined space. Special card shapes bring curiosity from the first time your client holds them.

The Font and Color

Color creates the first impression of your organization to your client or future business partner. It plays a major role in establishing a benchmark on branding.

Business cards tend to have neutral colors, in most cases. White or any light shade works ideal to highlight the content of the card. It works on the readability and makes the card attractive.

Select the font size as a medium. If the text is too small, your client will face difficulties in reading. Try to use no contrast colors for the background as it worsens readability.

Focus on the Content 

Business cards convey what you do. Therefore, the content inside the card must incline towards the interests of your business organization. It must inform about the services in simple words.

Another important thing about business cards is contact information. The card must have detailed contact information to maintain prominent communication.

Remember to keep a balance between the service and contact information in the business card design.

Logo and other Graphics

Designers now plot visual elements and logos of companies in business cards. There are two sides for display in the card. The logo must have the center place on one side of the card.

As per the strategy, the other side of the card will have the contact information and service of the person or the company.

Business cards look professional with minimal designs. Fill the empty spaces with minimal graphics that would still highlight the logo. The additional design creates a good impression of the brand.


Before you take the final copy from the printer, proofread the content at least twice. Take a look f the spelling, alignment, the structure is right or not.
If anything goes wrong, there is a chance for correction. Else, your money might go to waste if the information is not right.

Paper Material

Do you want your customer to feel the card is made of a cheap material? Business cards are printed on a glossy surface with cursive font alignment.
It is better to choose the surface as per the design. Nowadays, a matte surface with bold and spacious content looks the best for any theme.


Where to put the content in the card is very important. It clearly defines your sense of styling. A specific and statement handle brand identification.
It establishes a strong connection with your client and other business partners. If you are opting for a brand statement, which most of the companies stick by, know where to put them in the card!

Utilize The Free Sources

In the internet era, you have a lot of sources where people talk about business cards and designs. Switch to those places and see what they are talking about.
There are high chances that one customer ends up with two cards of the same design from two different companies.

Give importance to maintaining uniqueness for your company you have shed blood and sweat to build the reputation.

What Are The Different Types of Business Cards?

The rapid growth of technology has changed perception and artistry with diversity in ideas. It gave rise to new designs, demands, and how the world looks up to a business firm based on what criteria.

Since we speak about business cards here, here are the features available based on the purpose and industry of the business.

Standard Business Card

Here, standard means the traditional way to look up to a business organization. You can be from a large-scale business firm or looking for a card for your startup, this variant symbolizes the basic standard.
Standard business cards comprise the following details:

Size: 3.5 x 2 inch is the traditional size for standard business cards all around the world.
Shape: Rectangle is the most common shape for a standard card. Other shapes like round, die-cut, or square are available but are considered unconventional shapes. The reason is they do not fit the wallet or cardholder of a client.
Color: standard business cards usually occur in a white or cream color base. It has the company color on one side of the card, along with the logo.
Printing/paper/finishing: No-coating and embossing.
The standard card has hardly any flaw. It goes with any business from any industry. The standard design is ideal for meetings too. If you want to keep it hassle-free and design it on your own, the standard cards are the safer option.

Premium Business Cards

As the name goes by, Premium Business Cards showcase a premium look to your business. The premium-ness adjusts the design, material depending upon your budget.

These are the characteristics:

Size: 3.5 x 2 inches is the basic size. Die-cut size stands out of the box to leave a good impression on your clients.
Shape: Size and Shape goes hand in hand. If the size is right, but the shape is irregular, it will not fit the cardholder, and therefore your money goes to waste. The ideal shape for Premium Business Card is a square, rectangle, or round, depending on your business.
Color: Premium Cards prefer the color of your brand.
Printing/paper/finishing: High Gloss or Matte.
Look for the high-quality paper if you are thinking about getting a Premium Business Card. Give the design a neat and clean finish so that it comes out vibrant, even with little things.

Matte Finish Business Cards

Matt Cards are ideal for business owners who want to keep things extremely straightforward.
Size: 3.5 x 2 inches size is preferred with high-grade paper material and unconventional size.
Shape: professional matte business cards can have any shape. You can choose the regular rectangle or round. If you want to be creative, ask your designer to customize the card according to your interest.
Color: Since these cards have a matte finish throughout, you get the liberty to choose any color. Try to about vibrant shades as it decreases the readability of the card. It is better if the card has icons for the contact information just for a catchy look.
Printing/paper/finishing: Matte with high-quality paper and design.
Matte finish cards speak professionalism. Make sure it has a satin finish once you are done designing the card.

Gloss Finish Business Card

Entertainment, fashion, beauty, hospitality, cosmetic, and design industry chooses business cards that are loud and flashy. Glossy cards have images in the card design.
It follows any size and shape without thinking of fitting the cardholder. Here, creative minds are free to experiment with their creativity with proper information and data in the card.
The Glossy Cards carry a luxurious and vibrant outlook throughout. You can place an image of your work as a portfolio on one side with the contact details on the other. It brings out the essential elements in a short space of your card.
Another plus point of glossy cards is that they are waterproof.

Embossed Business Cards

If you want to make your card look classy with premium-ness and professional finish, this one is the ideal card option for you. 

They are eye-catching with a feel of superior and physical feeling. These cards are tactile, so you can feel the prints with your hands.


Business cards are often the very first introduction a client or a potential stakeholder has to your company. Therefore, it is extremely important that you get it in the perfect shape, size, type font, and material.

Do not cut corners with the making of a business card, as it can make or break your firm. 

Whichever option you chose for your business card, we hope this article helped you get all the necessary information on their designs.
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