January 11, 2021

Revamping Your Brand: What Role Does Design Have to Play?

Do you want to give a new identity to your brand? Are you thinking about revamping your brand? Whether you plan for a complete rebranding or just a brand refresh, the design will indefinitely be a pivotal factor. Still, what role does design have to play in revamping your brand?

Believe it or not, your website can say a million things about your brand if precisely designed. It can leave an impact on your viewers within a few seconds or make them go away for good. Moreover, merely your logo design has the potential of conveying your true brand story.

Does it sound too far-fetched? In this article, you will know how crucial design can be when it comes to your brand. However, let us learn a little more about what brand revamping is before going ahead.

What is A Brand Revamp?

Revamp refers to redefining something in terms of structure, design, appearance, or other factors. It may include or more aspects of a particular thing. Similarly, a brand revamp is changing the entire brand in a specific element or several factors.

It may be changing the functionality working, the looks and appearance, or a complete overhaul of the brand. Understanding what is a brand revamp, and why do you need it is essential before going ahead.

There is one prime question that you must ask yourself while thinking of revamping your brand. Are you looking forward to conducting a brand refresh or rebrand? Alternatively, your revamping strategy may include both of these.

Brand Refresh

Brand refresh refers to tweaking up the visual game of your brand. It may be changing the colors associated with your brand or an update in its logo. Your brand may require a fresh website design or an up-to-date perspective to stay in line with the current trends.

You must remember that the refresh may be comprehensive, but it will not alter the functioning of your brand. The prime operations, objectives, and working will remain the same. Perhaps you want to give a fresher outlook to your audience.

All in all, a brand refresh is like a makeover to stay in line with the trend. You are giving a new identity to your brand while its core values remain the same. Are you wondering why you may need a brand refresh?
Why your brand needs refreshing, and what role does design have to play in it?

Stand in Line with the Trend

One of the primary reasons your brand may need a refresh is that it has been this way for a prolonged period. Your customers may love your brand, but everyone gets bored with the same thing after some time. That is why you may have heard how innovation is the key to growth and success.

Refreshing your brand can be like getting a new dress or a new haircut to change the overall look. Here, design plays a key factor. You may redesign the logo and change its color without tweaking the actual message.

Your website may need redesigning to grab the attention of potential customers. A fresh design will instill a feeling of excitement in your existing customers and pitch in new ones!

Support Your Expansion

Have you decided to expand your business and tap new fields? Did you introduce any innovation in your product? Even if there is a significant change in one area of your brand, you must include it in the overall brand image.
You can do so by adding a new section on your website for the added features. Here, design plays two roles. It may be by constructing an area that resonates with the rest of your site and brand. Alternatively, it can be redesigning the entire site so that the expanded section falls in place perfectly-well.


Your brand must convey the same message through all its platforms, whether it is social media or your official sites. Having a different design, fonts, colors, etc., on each of these mediums can confuse your customers. Moreover, they will fail to deliver a clear message of your brand.

Opting for a brand refresh can help you harmonize the message conveyed by all your platforms. It includes following the same color and structural patterns along with font styles and sizes.

Tapping A New Set of Audience

Are you looking forward to changing your audience? Has your brand already tweaked-up its products to cater to a different audience? Your customers are the ones that add value to your brand, which is why it is essential to cater to them.

For example, earlier, you may be catering to the apparel industry but have now shifted to women's clothing only. In such a case, your brand will need a significant refresh. You have changed your target audience, which is why you will need to change your brand look.

It will include a major change in the color and design of your logo, website structure, and much more.

Beat Your Competitors

Do your competitors’ brands look visually more appealing than yours? If the answer is yes in even one aspect, it is time your brand needs a refresh. The matter is not only about competition, instead, what your customers like.
If you notice that your opponents have been gaining massive leads while you are losing, refresh your game. You may change the color combination of your brand or update the design, choosing something that is aesthetically amusing. A fresh look is always exciting!

Overall, a brand refresh is all about updating the look of your brand to meet its current needs. It may be uplifting the appearance or opt for a simpler version. A refresh includes all of this without hampering the core meaning of your brand.

Design plays an unparalleled role at every step of the refresh procedure. Be it the logo or the website, or the entire brand, it is present everywhere. It is more than just colors and fonts as it includes setting a structure, approach, and even perspective.


Quite contrary to refresh, rebranding is a more profound concept. It covers a plethora of aspects that may or may not include the appearance, technique, functionality, values, and much more. Rebranding is changing the brand identity, giving it an overall different outlook.

It is a significantly more comprehensive notion than merely refreshing. Rebranding refers to giving a new personality to your brand. It includes conveying a different story to the customers, transforming the functionality, choosing a new audience, etc.

Rebranding requires way more work than a refresh and may include the refresh concept to an extent. Still, it is much more. Thus, if you choose to rebrand, you are not only refreshing but also overhauling many other aspects.
There may be multiple causes why you need to rebrand. Moreover, you will see how design is a vital element throughout the procedure.

Refresh is Not Enough

Do you think simply uplifting the appearance is not enough to level-up your game? If yes, you need to rebrand. Walking with the current trend is essential for every business, irrespective of the field. Often, changing the look may not be sufficient to get in line with modern norms.

Rebranding can help your brand entirely change to flow with the current. It will include changing your core techniques and values. Not to mention, you must also change the structure of your website to make it look more appealing.

From your message and statement to marketing and promotion, every aspect requires the latest design. At the same time, it must be unique to your brand and relate to the overall image.

Reflect the Changes

If your business is going through a change in any domain, your entire brand must reflect the change. Business evolution requires significant transformations at multiple levels. From your strategies to the website look, you may need a comprehensive overhaul of the brand.

New Additions

Did you add a product or service to your existing list? Do you plan to include a new audience for your business? If you have added new products and services to your list of offerings, you need to inform your customers.

It will include incorporating the changes on your website, changing your marketing strategies, advertisement approach, etc. Your brand needs to reflect the additions through its working as well as design.

Therefore, rebranding is more like a large-scale revamp. It includes changing several or all of the factors of a business. Needless to say, redesigning will be required for each of these aspects.

Other Reasons for a Brand Revamp

As mentioned earlier, designs are more than just colors, fonts, and looks. The right design will make your brand website clear, functional, and responsive to customers.

Slow Loading

No individual likes to wait for a website to load, even if it is for 10 seconds. In the digitally paced world, your brand will stay ahead only if you are technically up-to-date. If your website features traditional technology, the user-experience will certainly be poor, which is why you may need a revamp.

Not Optimized

Search engines consider multiple factors to rank your site, with the content relevance, user interface, and structure being the prime ones. Revamp can help your website get an SEO-friendly hierarchical structure, content optimization, and deliver a better user experience.

Increasing Bounce Rates

A good design ensures that your website works flawlessly. It asserts that your customers find what they are looking for without any confusion. If your brand faces a higher rate of bounce, the possibility is due to a faulty design. It may not be attractive enough or may not be directing your viewers to take action.

Role of Design in Revamping Your Brand – A Summary

As you may have seen, design plays a substantial role in all types of brand revamps—minor or major. Here is a summary of the essential functions of design in brand revamping.

Unique Identity

You may want to revamp your brand to match the latest fashion, but so do all the others out there. Your customized design allows your brand to be unique, giving it a distinctive identity while still matching the fad.

Conveys A Message

Revamping may or may not change the overall message of your brand. An accurate design will ensure your logo, structure, appearance, website, and every other aspect convey the true message of your brand.

Technological Update

Revamp is not all about the looks and the front end of your brand. It also includes coding and functionality. Website is the digital personification of your brand and holds equal importance. Issues like slow servers, broken links, etc., on your website can be a big turn-down for your users. A good design ensures all these aspects are covered during the revamp.

Trust and Image

Brands instill a sense of trust in your viewers. They form an image of a standard quality that your customers expect in your product and service performances. You need an organic design to meet the expectations of your audience and maintain their trust.


From user experience to speed and looks to content, your website needs to be optimized to stay on the front line. While revamping may do the work, it is incomplete without an updated design.

Competitive Advantage

You certainly do not want to lag in the ever-changing dynamic world. Are you planning for a brand revamp to beat your opponents in the race? The latest yet entirely customized design is what you need to win this competition and maintain your lead. 

Generate Leads

While you may revamp your brand to increase the conversion rates, it will only be successful with an apt design. Your website, social platforms, and other mediums must be transparent, responsive, and offer a call to action. If you do not direct your viewers towards the next step, they will end up leaving your page.

Final Words

From the font style and colors to the overall appearance and functionality, design exists in every area of a brand. Planning and implementing a revamp is virtually impossible without the leading role of design, be it mere refresh or rebranding.

Design can make your brand tap boundless possibilities of growth if implemented correctly. So, know the worth of an aesthetically pleasing design to ensure nothing but the best out of your brand revamp!
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