January 11, 2021

Planning To Launch an Ecommerce Business? Guide To Pick the Right Design Elements

Ecommerce is now an essential way to make your business a big success. With technology advancing at such a rapid speed, everyone wants convenience at their doorsteps. No one wants to step out of their comfortable homes and run around stores. 

Therefore, this is a great time to set up an eCommerce business and unending welcome profits. Although any eCommerce website brings in high turnovers, you should always plan a good start for your business. As you have so much competition now, an entrance with a bang can jumpstart your career in no time.

The best way to lure customers towards your business is to give them a functional website that has an attractive interface. Believe it or not, an aesthetically pleasing website can make a huge difference in the number of people visiting. 

There are a few tips that you could use to give your website an aesthetic appeal. Read below to know more.

Promote simplicity

While getting your eCommerce website designed, make sure to keep it as simple as possible. You would want to include popups, banners, bright panels, etc., for your interface. However, it is important to keep the experience of your buyers easy and quick.

With so many distractions on your page, you risk your products’ sales. And once a customer has had a bad experience on your website, calling them back is very difficult. The first page of your website should have clear characters that the customers can understand and receive guidance from.
Whatever elements you choose for your website should promote the sale of your products and shouldn’t take the focus away. 

Control the audience through color schemes

Being a designer brings a lot of psychological knowledge to the table. You get to learn so much about different colors and their effects on the human brain. Therefore, choosing colors that will help your sales to alleviate is important.
Depending on what kind of message you would like to pass to your audience, you can choose the color scheme. For example, your message is about something soft and calm, choose colors like light blue or green. You can use different shades of the same colors too. 

This will maintain a theme throughout the page and promote your ideas. For an eCommerce website specifically, you could highlight icons that promote your sales. Highlighting buttons such as 'buy now' or 'add to list' attract the user and motivate them to click on them. 

Make sure to not put any dull color on your opening pages. This will push the users away or even attract them in the first place. Additionally, using too bright colors can also be a problem. Colors that hurt your eye will not be welcomed by the audience and will repel them. 

Use eye-catchy fonts

Eye-catchy fonts don’t mean super fancy characters that are so difficult to even read at first glance. Fonts that are of the right size as per their function and are placed in the right space will seem attractive to your audience.

It is important to match your fonts with the color scheme of the entire page. They shouldn’t be standing out unless you want them to, that too for a valid reason. The font type you choose should also be in agreement with the theme of the website.

Don’t try to assign fonts that are too loud, so they disrupt the message.
High quality or no quality

The kind of images you put on your eCommerce website makes a huge difference in the user response. Everyone looks for comfort in any commercial platform. They want their job to be as easy and pleasing as possible. 

Putting up a picture that is pixelated and is not making clear sense can cause inconvenience to your customers and create a cheap image of you. Using the right images that can result in a great hike in your sales as your customers would be able to understand your services. 

With good quality images at the right spots, the need for you to explain everything to your customers can be eradicated. This will also make the website look better and well equipped with information.

If you don’t have a high-quality image of a certain thing, try not to put any image of low quality in its place. No picture is better than any picture that could sabotage the whole look of your website. 

Add professionalism

An element that is the most important of your eCommerce website, but not many will talk about it. Adding professionalism to any sales website can bring you a plethora of customers and up your image in no time. By professionalism, we mean adding the right fonts at the right places, keeping the color theme consistent and correct as per your website. 

The theme of the website should not fluctuate, and the message should be crisp and lucid. Another important thing to take care of is checking spelling and typos. If you have these mistakes on your website, the users will not take you seriously.

In such cases, they might not want to trust you with their personal information and card details. Win their trust by showing how accurate and careful you are.


Launching an eCommerce website from scratch is not a walk in the park. It takes a plethora of brilliant ideas that pull audiences towards your products and sale offers. The best way to do so is to dedicatedly work on your website.
If you use the right elements at the right places, your website will come out supremely attractive and keep your audience engaged for a long time. This helps to up your sales. Sometimes, you could just use colors and the right layout to convey most of your message.

This eradicates the need to use so many words, you can just use a word or two, and the user will understand the message clearly. You can also use high-quality images to help your idea.
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