February 21, 2021

Most Iconic Designs Of Famous Brands

Designing plays an integral part in brand marketing. To create a sense of identity for the brand, designs and logos should be decided wisely. Designs tend to help in promoting the brand and its purpose. Logos are also able to help the brand succeed in numerous ways.

Designs comprise the logo, colors, fonts, patterns, and more. With the help of a unique design, consumers will be able to identify the brand just by taking a look at the logo. It is the visual identity of the brand.

Importance of design

A good design will be able to help the brand promote itself and, most importantly, establish what they are for. It represents their product and services. It is essential to know your product thoroughly and know who your target audience is.

If these things are taken into consideration, the brand will be able to distinguish itself from the rest of its competitors. With the help of proper design and logos, the brand identity will automatically be unique.

Investing in design and logos go a long way for brand marketing. So much so that the brand will be recognized merely by the logo, and its legacy will carry on.

Some of the most iconic brands

A few brands are very old who have succeeded in establishing themselves with the help of excellent service and branding strategies. However, some have just come into business but are already very successful.

The reason for most brand’s success is their signature design while first promoting themselves. The design and logo aren’t limited by languages or distance. It can be reached to every person in the world, especially during these modern times. Hence, modern brands focusing more on their designs and logos have brought them success.


This car brand came out in 1902, and its logo was then changed to a star that had three points. This logo design is self-explanatory. There is no need for the name of the brand to be said out loud, the logo itself has established a prosperous identity for the brand.

The star with three points depicts its supremacy over air, land, and the sea. This particular design is unique to its brand, and any other brand going for a similar design will not be as popular. The legacy of this brand's logo has been going on for a very long time and has helped immensely in its progress in the market.


Coco Chanel is the founder of this brand, and the design of "letterplay” was used for their logo. This is basically when the initials of the brand are creatively designed for its logo and identity. The brand’s design and logo can be seen in a variety of the brand’s items.

The design has set a unique establishment in the fashion industry. Since it first came out in 1925, letterplay wasn’t as famous. Due to that reason, the brand was able to highlight its artistic features with the help of this design.
Since this is used by most brands these days, it isn’t able to create a legacy as Chanel did.


This sports brand can be recognized by anyone merely by the logo design. This design was inspired by a Greek Goddess. Since she was famous for her wings, the designer created a checkmark along with it.

This abstract design was able to represent a sense of swiftness, which goes quite well with the dominant sport spirits.

Even though it looks simple and abstract, the logo design has a meaning behind it, which makes the branding even more successful. It has become one of the most iconic designs in the entire industry.


Earlier, when the company had just started growing, the design of the brand was a bit different than it is now. The brand’s design was of Newton under a tree. Later, the brand focused on making a more simple and minimalistic design with only a bitten apple.

The simplicity of the design represents a sense of quality that the brand provides. It denotes a sense of class and sophistication, which is exactly what the brand's identity has become. This is an excellent example of design and logo playing an integral part in the brand's identity and purpose.

The bite on the apple could be referring to "byte," and the brand has done an amazing job in creating a unique and simple design that is recognized by everyone. Most importantly, the sophisticated design promotes the brand’s high-quality products as well.


This brand also has one of the most iconic designs. It helps in bringing out a unique identity that is universally recognized. The brand had a rather simple logo in the beginning, later in 2009, they started changing the font and color of the logo.

The brand went for bright colors for their branding. Those colors were used to bring out some sense of welcoming feeling to their users. This platform is meant for everyone, and it reflects the way anyone can access it. The primary colors are used to make the design stand out, especially among its competitors. The simplicity, on the other hand, promotes the brand’s smooth functioning and services.


The brand MTV was a completely new type of brand when they made their debut in 1981. Since the brand mainly represented the new upcoming generations and the evolution of music, the colors and patterns kept changing.

This brand kept its design and logo the same throughout despite the other changes, this is what made their branding iconic and unforgettable. They established the identity of their brand but also kept altering the colors and patterns, which also became their signature design.


This is yet another sports brand that has been able to succeed in branding with the help of its design and logos. This brand has consistently used three stripes on all of its products and hence established its identity.

Although the design of this brand has changed over time, and they use numerous designs depending on their products, the three stripes haven't changed. In the beginning, the three stripes were in the form of slanted lines. This represented a mountain and how every challenge should be accepted, and one must reach a peak.

Later on, those slanted lines for the face of the brand started getting altered, yet the brand was able to maintain its position in its industry with the help of consistent designs.

Warner Bros.

The Warner Bros. had their logo designed on a shield. This has been iconic ever since it was first put out by the brand. The brand has been changing the font and the curve of the letters time and again, but there aren't any significant changes that make it completely unrecognizable.
As color films started releasing, the design was almost made a bit more colorful. This provided a sense of modernity within the brand itself. However, the brand did not go far away from the original design since it had already been positively identified by the masses.

The WB shield is still the same, and every movie with that logo is immediately identified, which has made the brand pretty iconic in the film industry.


To establish a brand and to choose a specific design and logo, it is important to research thoroughly. Knowing the psychology of color is also an essential part. Having an attractive design that is appealing to the eyes with meaning or message will gain more success.
However, constantly changing the design may also lead to a fragile identity of the brand and the quality of the product or service it provides. Hence, being consistent with the design after a lot of research will help in promoting the brand a lot more.
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