December 31, 2020

Logo Designing 101: Building The Perfect Logo For Your Brand

Naturally, when coming up with a logo for a brand of your own, you need to make sure it is something unique and, not to mention, a cut above the rest. Gathering all the insightful tips and hacks, here's a list of the seven best essentials when building the perfect logo for your brand!

Tip #1: Reflection - know your brand, know your market

The first step, even more than a tip, is to make sure that the idea of your brand and its purpose are reflected in some part of your logo. This gives a clear idea to the audience, as to what your company is all about, for example, shoes, sportswear, art, and things like that.

So an understanding of your brand is quite important, especially for the target market and potential customers. Additionally, inculcating the ideology and aspirations in the very logo is another part of reflecting your business and bringing the audience closer to you.

The design of your logo should incorporate the personality of your company, that is, the brand identity.

Tip #2: Colors and Themes

Just like other factors such as a tagline, color, and themes are chosen are also crucial in building the perfect logo for your brand. Different colors target different ideas and trigger different emotions in one's mind.

For example, if you use yellow as the main color or have a theme around it, your logo will tend to reflect happiness and calmness. So say your company is a yoga equipment manufacturer, or if you are a florist, then yellow would be your logo theme to go for!

In accordance with the first tip, try and associate your brand with a color based on the emotion it triggers.

Tip #3: Picking a compatible font

The font incorporated in your logo, just like the color you use, speaks out the expression and attitude of your brand. It is heavily impactful on the tone your brand wants to project. It could be about energy, passion, fluency, and such.
It helps regenerate what the personality of your brand is and could also reflect the target audience at times. For example, if it is for men, women, children, and so on.

Given the wide access and reach of the internet, a lot of high-quality fonts are now available for no or low costs. These can help you come up with unique ways to make your brand stand out.

Tip #4: Keeping a check for competition

A factor that should never go unattended while defining your brand is your competition in the market. You need to keep an eye out for what the others are projecting and offering and how your business can give the people what is missing.

The best way to show how you are a better option and quite unique is through a glimpse of your brand logo. But to do that, make sure to study the logos that are already out there. Come up with a positives-and-negatives list for as many logos as you can.

By doing so, you will know exactly what to avoid when making your own logo and what things to take inspiration from.

Tip #5: The importance of shapes and sizes

There is a lot more to a logo than just the obvious elements. This includes the latest components like free space, empty space, and the shapes you are using to define certain aspects of your logo.

To go into greater detail, shapes enhance the tone you are going for. It may even add more symmetry to your logo and reflect professionalism, which is directly associated with the personality of your company.

Similarly, the size assigned to every single component of your logo projects how much emphasis you want to give and to what aspects. In fact, it is just another way of using distinguished fonts; it could be equivalent to bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and such.

Tip #6: Going just for the name

What is one common deal between Vogue, Ray-Ban, Coca-Cola, IBM, etc.? All of these brands have their names as their logos. So it is safe to say that oftentimes you might see that this logo is not even a pictorial representation or an elaborate illustration, but simply the name of the establishment.
Especially if your company has a unique name that does not exist in the market as of now, going directly for the name-logo is a great alternative. If going for this option, we suggest you go into greater detail with respect to the font styles and effects.

Tip #7: The power of simple and sweet

What is underestimated is this power of keeping things simple and sweet. By trying to fit in every single creative thought and idea into your logo or name or tagline, you may recreate the equivalent of "too many cooks in the kitchen," which may not serve you with the best results.

If your logo gets too elaborate, picking a particular theme or understanding what your brand stands for will get very difficult for the target market and audience. In this case, they might just move on to other alternatives because what is reflected is a lack of clarity and confusion within the company itself.
So to garner the maximum attraction through your logo, remember to keep the elaboration at its minimum. And that will be the power of simple and sweet.

Tip #8: Online templates and logo makers

Building the perfect logo for your brand can be quite a hassle, but worry not, for there are several others who recognize the importance of it. A lot of online platforms help you begin your logo journey.

There are various versions within a template/logo maker. While you can upgrade to higher versions by paying for it, there are simple free versions available as well. You can also come up with multiple alternatives and shortlist until you find the one!


The fact that you found yourself here is enough to know that your journey has begun! And while this can be a little overwhelming, it sure is something to look forward to with complete excitement and energy.
Through these aforementioned tips, we hope you were able to get a clearer idea of what you want, for the possibilities are going to be plenty, and your future is going to be limitless!
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