February 21, 2021

How To Pick The Best Font Combinations?

Are you spending too much time choosing the right fonts for your design? We can totally relate. It is confusing because there are so many options right in front of you. You can’t simply skip this process either, since proper font combinations are the heart of your design.

Your chosen font combinations must add value to your design. Since each project is different, you cannot just fix a font and stick to it. Each design needs its own font combinations. We have assimilated various ideas and have tried to present a complete guide that will help you select the best font combination.

Basic Understanding

Before beginning with the process of choosing the best font combinations, it is essential to understand the basics.

A typeface is made of similar designs. There are many fonts within a single typeface. Mainly, there are four types of typefaces that are sans serif, sans, script, and decorative—the first two being the most preferable.


You are writing because you want people to be able to read it. However, it often happens that certain texts are too hard to read because of their styles. In this case, the audience moves away.

Overly decorative texts are very hard to read outside large headers. If you want 100% readability, you should go for sans or sans serif. The best fonts for body texts are Vision, PT sans, Roman Serif, Open Sans, and Bifocals Grotesk. The best fonts for headings are Cafe and Brewery, Headline; Geizer; Stellar; Arcadia, and Audrey. You can find hundreds of other options on the internet.


The following section focuses on picking the appropriate font combinations which suit your project.

If you have small text space and in case you are adding little text on one side of a picture, use League Spartan for the heading and Libre Baskerville for the text.

To provide a retro vibe to your project, you may use Montserrat and Courier

The most commonly used fonts for a resume and other professional documents are Cambria, Calibri, Helvetica, and Georgia. They all look professional. You may also use Julius Sans One and Archivo Narrow together.
The best font combinations for invitations are Josefina and Times New Roman; Oh Samantha and Cinzel; Bodoni XT and Lato; and Great Vibes and Montserrat.
Preferable font combinations for your blog is Playfair Display and Source Sans Pro; Libre Franklin and PT Serif; Montserrat and Merriweather; and Raleway and Lato.

Some suitable combinations for e-commerce and retail purposes are Luckiest Guy and Bitter Regular; Bebas Neue Bold and Montserrat; and Raleway Bold and Source Code Pro Regular.

Final Words

After choosing the right font combinations, you must ensure that you present them perfectly. Right spacing, sizes, and styles are integral. You can find plenty of articles online to guide you through this.

All the aforementioned font combinations are tried and tested. Choose the best fit for your project and see how it enhances the overall look. The right combination can do wonders.
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