January 10, 2021

How To Overcome Creative Ruts?

Every artist, author, or musician suffers from the creative block at some point in their life. A creative block refers to a situation where a person loses the ability to think creatively due to some reason. 

For authors, it can be excessive procrastination that keeps delaying their daily goals. Aspiring musicians might have financial constraints, stopping them from composing, let alone releasing their music. Getting loads of work can impact your creativity the same as not getting any at all. 

Is it possible to over these creative ruts? Yes, but before that, you should know what causes a creative block. 

What causes Creative Block? 

Creative block is an unavoidable situation that everyone experiences once in their journey. There are a lot of reasons that get you into a creative rut, and the following are common ones:


Stress is the most common factor that restricts an individual’s thinking ability. It can arise from personal problems, work pressure, or financial restraints. A lot of people struggle in dealing with such stress, affecting their ability to think. 


Atelophobia is the fear of imperfection that forces you to believe that you are not good enough. This fear enters your life when you are in chaotic confusion. The artist starts thinking that their ideas are not perfect or even up to the mark. 

Not only an artist, but every human being also develops this fear whenever they come under pressure. However, it might last for weeks, months, or years but not forever. 

Lots of ideas

A stock of ideas for a single project is not as good as it seems. The more ideas you have, the longer becomes the decision-making process. Since time is a crucial factor, you cannot waste much of it deciding what you should do.
Ways to get over Creative ruts

Getting over your creative block requires a lot of effort. While some people overcome these ruts, others fail and abandon the entire project. Here are some ways that can help you fight your creative rut: 

Ask the “Why” Question

Ask yourself why you started working on the assignment. The answer is your main source of inspiration. You have to discover the purpose of your project. Once it is clear to you, the creative skills will automatically spark inside your brain.

Make a Schedule

Avoid sitting idle at home, wasting your time, or working overtime beyond your limits. Maintain a balance between the two, and make a schedule for creative thinking, giving it at least an hour every week. 

Write ideas in your notebook or brainstorm with your friends and colleagues, whatever sparks your creative skills. 

Do something else

Take a break from work and clear out the stress in your mind by doing something you love. You can learn new things or pursue your hobbies like running, exercise, dance, writing, or whatever distracts you from work. With a fresh mind, you will be able to think properly and work efficiently. 

Don’t force your creativity

Great ideas come naturally, not by forcing your mind to think. If you can’t think of anything, take a break and come back to your project later. The ideas will eventually float back when you get back to your work. 


Sometimes, an idea would pop up during a shower or take days to develop in your head. The ideal way is to focus on your goals and manage your time accordingly. A creative rut is an inevitable part of your journey, but it doesn’t mean you cannot get out of it. 

Just keep it natural, follow the above methods, and everything will automatically fall into place.
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