February 21, 2021

How To Design The Perfect Instagram Carousel?

Instagram carousel is one of the most interesting and engaging features to use for any business. These posts allow your business to gain more traffic, engage users, and get more results, hands down.

Many Instagram users find that the biggest challenge with the social media platform is the visual clutter. Posts here, posts there, make for a very haphazard picture layout for the viewer, which hardly ever brings any results.

Instagram Carousel Stats: Is It Even Worth It?

The Instagram carousel allows users, especially businesses, to post all the pictures related to a particular thing or event together. The feature allows an Instagram user to see over ten pictures in a single post instead of scrolling through the feed.

Furthermore, the Instagram carousel has been steadily becoming popular, as per a study. Additionally, carousels provide better engagement than simple pictures and videos.

Although picture carousels have good engagement rates as well, the carousels that use both videos and images have the best outcome for the business.

How To Design The Best Instagram Carousel: Best Tips

If you are looking to use Instagram Carousel posts to get more traffic or engage more viewers for your business, then here are some great tips for you to create or design them better:

Show the “Before” and “After” of a product

Businesses need an aspect of “mystery” in their product to attract consumers or potential buyers. To get the details about your product out, you can use the before and after shot of your product. You could accentuate the process of creating the product as well to create a good carousel for your business page.
What's more, is that you can make use of images and videos in the same post. The first image in the carousel post could be themed as per "before" for your product, and then you could add the process of creation in a video format in the second slide for the post, and the last slide could have the product.

Flaunt your Product

There is no better marketing than sharing your product, and it looks in every possible way. A new product or a re-designed product can be showcased in a carousel post. You could make use of the post to show different styles or show your product in different uses.

Carousel posts help you explore your products, your designs and allow you to become more creative about how to showcase your product. You could make use of graphics, short videos, or could make use of different styles of advertising, the list is endless.

Furthermore, you could use the opportunity to create a tone for advertising or marketing your product.

Creative Representation Of Your Product’s Details

Another benefit of carousels is that they help you bring out the best in your product. Since the details of any product could become a bit difficult to show and bring out, it is important to keep things zinged up.

Using a carousel post will help you highlight each detail of your product. Furthermore, it will help you bring out the details fashionably or creatively, which would engage your viewers.

Carousel posts help you to enjoy the details about your product and help you celebrate the same with others. You can make use of these posts to find the right positioning for your products by conceptualizing the details and representing them as per your target audience.

Nothing works better for engaging your target audience than carousel posts on Instagram.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized recommendations help you to engage your users. Carousel posts can be used to provide a link to products to your website or other websites.
Giving personalized recommendations would probably work the best for those who have affiliate blogs, but those businesses with business websites stand to gain just as much.

Each slide on the carousel post can be used to provide links to a specific theme. Furthermore, each slide can be used to describe or advertise the products singularly.

Another way to use Instagram carousel for personalized recommendations is to show how the products of your business can be used in different ways.

Sharing Stories Of Your Clients

Brand stories always work like a charm. Whenever you are trying to find something different to post to Instagram, or you are not sure of some strategy yet, you can utilize the time to show your audience what your customers feel about you.

Furthermore, brand stories are some of the most engaging and authentic Instagram aesthetics.

Another reason to go with brand stories is that it does not take much effort to create these posts. A good brand story Instagram carousel post would help your users and audience to understand your brand and would help them to trust your brand more. Even if the picture is grainy, post it. Brand stories always bring engagement and more customers.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind

To create the perfect Instagram carousel post, you should keep the following things in mind:

- Remember to keep your business’ tone of advertising in mind. Your posts should be in-line with your website, marketing, and advertising.
- Keep in mind that your carousel posts should lead to something. Without strategic planning, a carousel post would not lead to any engagement.
- Use good photos for your posts. Although brand stories are exempt from the “good quality photo rule,” using a high resolution or quality photo would attract more viewers to your post and profile.
- These posts can be used to showcase good customer reviews as well. Apart from brand stories, personal reviews, or good reviews regarding particular products can be showcased on your Instagram feed.

With that said, the use of Instagram for furthering business’ reach is not unheard of. Maximizing your outcome with the use of carousel posts would help you get the most out of the social media platform. What’s more, is that these features or posts can work well even for affiliate marketers. You can go all out with creative ways to use a carousel for your business!
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