February 21, 2021

How To Ace Package Designs

It will be foolish to ignore the fact that people do judge a book by its cover. Gone are the days when the purpose of product packaging was just to hold the product till its delivered.

In today's time, product packaging is as important as the product itself. A company that is sensible enough to invest in product packaging manages to get a good amount of customer traffic very quickly.

It is, therefore, necessary to ace your package design to shine in the eyes of your customers. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve the same.

Durability is your priority

Designing packaging doesn't mean you have to compromise on the durability of the package. If your packing is delicate, it will get ripped off in transit, resulting in damaging the actual product.

The design of your packing should be such that it is long-lasting and maintains itself even during transportation.

Keep it simple

One rule of thumb when it comes to designing anything is to keep the design simple. By overcomplicating the design, you are not just confusing your customer, but you are also increasing the burden of cost.

The more intricate the design, the more difficult it will be to get it right on the packaging. Also, you might have products of different shapes and sizes. A complex design will lose its clarity in small packaging.

Try to keep it simple and chic with unique color combinations. This will help leave a lasting impact on the minds of the customers.

Make it quirky

If you want to create a good impression on your customers, you want your package design to be unique. And what is more unique than quirky?
A funny and witty product packaging will attract the eyes of the customer. A sweet laugh while looking at your product will motivate them to purchase it. Try to add some catchy and comical phrases in the packaging so that your customers feel driven by your product.

Get a design for multiple sizes

You might be a business that sells a wide range of products. For instance, if you are in the backing business, you might be selling cakes, chocolates, cookies, etc. Every item has a different shape and size. So, it is better to have a product packaging tailor-made for every item.

By doing so, you increase the presentation value of the product, as well as protect it from damage. If you try to stuff a cake in a cookie box, you might end up ruining its shape and decoration.

Depending on whatever products that you are selling, get customized product packaging for all the products.

Let it be a reflection of your brand

Last but not least, your package should be a reflection of your brand. The package design is the first and foremost thing that customers use to associate with your product. It gives them an idea about your company's message and ideology.

Make sure your packaging delivers the same with clarity. You can do so with the help of color combinations or some one-liners that you use on the package. For instance, if you are a company that sells eco-friendly products, you can focus on green color packaging.

To sum it up

The packaging design plays a significant role in the development and popularity of your business. It is, therefore, necessary to have clarity in terms of what you want as your product's packaging.

Always remember that the packaging is the first thing by which the customers interact with your product. It is the first step towards creating an impression. It is, therefore, necessary to ace the product packing design.
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