February 21, 2021

How Do Professional Designers Organize Their Fonts?

Fonts are the most underrated weapons in a designer's arsenal. It is vital to keep them organized, or else there will be confusion. An organized font library can help you pick up pace as soon as you sit down to work. You will feel grateful every day.

We are here to tell you how professional designers organize their fonts. These tips will make your work a lot easier.

Acquire Knowledge

Knowing what you are working with is extremely important. If you do not have adequate knowledge about fonts, do some research. Understand font classification in detail so that you can efficiently organize fonts on your computer.


No one can understand your fonts better than you. Start with classifying your fonts. First, identify the broad classification criteria. You can choose typeface as your first criteria. Divide your fonts between sans, sans serif, monospace, symbols, script, geometric, and display. You may add any other criteria according to your needs and the nature of work.

After that, streamline your classification to create your organized font library. You can choose preference as a criterion. Your fonts can also be organized based on project type, for example, invitation, blog, retail, etc.

The ‘look’ is a useful criterion too. Beautiful and elegant fonts in one folder and bold and formal fonts in another. You should choose what is best for you, as all creative brains function differently.


To maintain an organized font library, timely updates are necessary. Keep adding relevant fonts to your folders. Certain fonts are pretty to look at but are not useful because they might not be relevant to the nature of your work. Quickly get rid of this excess.

Install An App

As graphic design is reaching remarkable heights, it inspires many innovations. There are plenty of font managers available for use. They perform several tasks, including the creation of an organized font library and removal of corrupt fonts.

Sometimes fonts active in the background may affect the speed of your computer, to solve this, font managers activate and deactivate fonts according to your needs. They can reduce your workload significantly.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your fonts not only helps you pick up the pace but also reduces your stress. It is salient for an efficient work process. The aforementioned tips are the most widely used methods, and they have been proven immensely helpful. Start organizing your fonts now for a smooth workflow.
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