January 10, 2021

Free Tools to Make Learning Graphic Design Easier

Are you trying to learn graphic design as a beginner? If you are lost in a world of paid-for graphic design tools, you have come to the right place. We have listed a few free graphic design software that will make learning design easy for you.

Read ahead as we introduce you to the right free tools and software.

Gravit Designer

If you have trouble finding software and free tools for vector design, Gravit is here to save the day. This app can be used on Windows, Chrome OS, Browser, Linux, and macOS. You can go ahead and animate, create icons, and design presentations using the available tools.

Tools include path graphs, blending modes, and a knife tool, among others. These make learning graphic design easy for you.


You can use this on your browser or download it on your desktop as a stand-alone app. You can use it on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and browser platforms. It is a free editing app with which you can create 2D graphic vectors.
You will have all of the vector features you need on this app. In addition to this, you will find tools like shadows, fonts, and filters to add an extra oomph to your graphic designs as you learn. You can also get your mentor to watch your design live through the app.


You can use this software on your browser. It is a free online editor with which you can create vector designs from scratch or build upon the vectors that Vecteezy offers. The free tool is straightforward to use and navigate as well.
You can use keyboard shortcuts to use the tool and learn graphic designing. You will have to create an account and save your work consistently. If you are satisfied with the tool, you can always opt for the pro version.


You can download Inkscape as a free app for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The primary file format in this app is the SVG format. The features are sophisticated and include ones like markers, cloned objects, and alpha ending, among others.

These are not found in free apps often, and any graphic design learner can take advantage of these features in Inkscape. Yes, the app is available for free. It is an excellent option for web and print design with similar color modes as 

It allows the native import of files from Illustrator.


In addition to the above, there are many other free tools like Canva and RawTherapee. Depending on the tools you pick, you can either download them or use them on your browser. Some tools offer both options to you.
The best part about many of these tools is that they let you switch to Pro versions if you like them enough. Hence, they are good graphic design software that makes learning the art easy and fun. 

You can even try combinations of these tools for personalized results.
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