January 10, 2021

All You Need To Know About Designing A 3D Logo

Your brand’s logo is an extremely important facet of its identity. The logo is the first perception that your customers have of your brand. When they think of your brand, more often than not, the logo is the first image that will pop into their head. 

If you're observing the current trends in today's market, you must be very well aware of the emergence of the 3D logo. They've become all the rage among brands, and you can see them everywhere you look. They are stylish, dynamic, and strike the eye. This is why they've proven to be a lot more impactful than the 2D logos that preceded them. Companies that are starting out now are choosing 3D logos right away, while those that had 2D logos are quickly making the switch so as to not fall behind. 

Everyone wants a logo that makes their brand ‘pop.’ They want something that makes their brand stand out in the eyes of the customer. It’s very difficult to achieve this in two dimensions. That’s where the importance of the 3D logo comes in. 

Before you set out on designing and creating the perfect 3D logo for your brand, here are the things that you need to know.

Why is a 3D logo important? 

They catch the eye quick and engage customers

3D logos have the power to capture the attention of your customers very quickly. The crucial difference between a 2D and 3D logo is that the 3D logo possesses depth. Since we see in 3D, this becomes a lot more engaging for us to look at. Experts in the illustrative field say that they have noticed that a 3D logo holds the attention of the viewer for a considerably longer period than a 2D logo.

Suited to varying media sites and platforms

In today's technologically advanced world, people are choosing digital platforms to market their products. Social media, websites, content streaming websites, and so on. These are the places where entrepreneurs are looking to sell their goods. A good 3D logo can seamlessly transition between all these platforms. 2D logos were very popular when print media was the only way for people to sell their goods. With the advent of the internet, the 3D logo has taken a front seat.

Accelerates your growth 

As mentioned above, with the ability of a 3D logo to transition smoothly across media platforms, you can use the same logo across all of your digital marketing efforts. This will help you build your brand’s image across different platforms, helping your brand and business grow exponentially. If you’re looking for some quick and significant growth, it’s advisable to get around to designing and creating a good 3D logo as soon as possible.

Leaves a lasting impact

As you are well aware, human beings are visual creatures. In most cases, our first and strongest sense is our sense of sight. As you’ve heard before, we first eat with our eyes before we actually eat. This means that our eyes have an important role to play in creating a perception in our minds. 

With a good, strong 3D logo, you have the chance to create a lasting image in your customer’s minds. A good logo stocks with them and will come up in their thought process the next time they are thinking about buying something that your or your competitors are selling. This could give you a significant advantage over the competition. 

While creating your 3D logo, there are 3 very important things that you have to keep in mind:


We are emotional beings. That leads us to be able to associate emotions with everyday things around us. One of the most common of those is colors. Humans have long been associating colors with emotions. Colors have the power to stir up emotions in us while we equate certain colors with certain emotions. 

For example, green means money, pink means womanly, yellow means bright, and so on. Your logo needs to use the right colors in the right combination to invoke the right kind of emotions in your customers.


Similar to colors, fonts also have a way of invoking feelings within us. You have to stop looking at fonts and typography as just words in different colors and styles. Start to understand that different fonts convey different meanings. To understand this, imagine an invitation to a child's birthday party.
In your head, you already imagine a font that is playful and one that jumps out at you. You don't imagine a very elegant, sober font similar to the one you would find on, say, a wedding invitation. Different fonts convey different emotions and stir up different feelings. Choose the right one for your logo.

Power of light 

The standout difference between a 2D logo and a 3D logo is the perception of depth that comes with a 3D logo. This depth perception is what makes it seem real and almost life-like to us. As already mentioned before, human beings see in 3 dimensions, so for us, the reality is 3D. 

Using the light in just the right way can create a beautiful illusion of depth for your logo, making it come to life in the eyes of the customer. Play around with it, use different combinations, and look at it from different angles. You will eventually land on something that you love and can see your customers loving, too.

Final verdict

3D logos are here, and they are here to stay. The best option would be to hop into the train right now before you get left behind. Have a look through the internet. Check out some of the most impactful 3D logos that exist. Try to choose a few of the very best, and then look at each one separately.
Isolate the characteristics of those that drew you to them, then try to implement those in your logo. With a little bit of hard work, you can come up with a logo that beautifully encapsulates your brand and captivates your customers.
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