January 10, 2021

5 Quick Design Tips For Your Brand Logo

Establishing a brand is not an easy task. There are so many things to keep in mind while building your brand. It should have good reach, and all the money you have invested needs to find a way back to you.

Is your brand logo important?

Your brand logo is very important. It helps you reach more people and grow your customer base. Your customer base has to grow to prove to them your service or product is worth the buy.

Here are 5 quick tips when it comes to designing your logo.

Use Of Colors

Using the right colors is important when designing the logo. If you use colors like red, it gives an impression of aggression and energy. This usually has the younger customer as the target. When you use blue color, it gives a feeling of togetherness. This is why Facebook chose a blue color.

Bright colors can be used to bring attention to people. Remember that their colors send across messages.


You need to choose the right font for your brand. For example, when it comes to a toy brand, people generally go in for a handwritten font. You want to give the impression that your toy brand is kid-friendly.

In case you desire to make a logo for your brand, pick a font that shows the band's personality to people. If your font does not align with what the brand stands for, you will not be able to attract customers.

It is best to make or create fonts on your own for your brand. This will create uniqueness.

The Logo Design Should Be Scalable

Whatever logo you design will be used on advertisements. Your logo should impress people no matter where it is used. Even when used on a billboard, it should be readable and attractive.

But in case the logo is out of proportion, it will look odd and not attract customers. Likewise, if they require your logo on a small area, like that of a pen, your logo should be clear on that, too.

It Should Be Attractive Even When Colorless

A great tip to follow while making your logo is to ensure it is attractive in black and white. Many times the logo may be printed in black and white, such as in newspaper ads or faxes. The logo should not look dull in such cases.

Make It Simple

It is advised to use only one or maybe two fonts, colors, and other elements. People should be able to grasp the message of the logo with just one single glance. Too many colors, fonts, and numbers can confuse people.
Simple logos like the Nike design logo are something that viewers remember easily. The logo for Pepsi has only two colors. These logos are attractive yet simple.

Summing Up

For creating an ideal logo, remember that you need to know the brand well. You need to know all the services the brand offers and all the products available. The brand logo needs to be unique yet simple.

The brand logo should also be scalable. The colors and fonts should be aligned with the message the brand wants the audience to receive. Logo designers take a lot of factors into consideration before designing a logo.
Even little things matter while designing a logo, as your logo is what will be going places and representing your brand. You do not want the incorrect message going places and ruining your reputation.

We hope the tips in this article help you create an effective and attractive brand logo for your company.
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